Left Bloc/Bloco de Esquerda

   The Left Bloc is an electoral alliance of three extreme left political parties, the Revolutionary Socialist Party/Partido Socialista Revolucionáro (PSR), Popular Democratic Union/União Democrátrico Popular (UDP), and Política XXI/ Politics Twenty-One, and other independent candidates. It was created prior to the 1999 European Union (EU) election. It did not win representation in the EU parliament but did win two parliamentary seats in the legislative elections of October 1999. This made the Left Bloc the Portuguese Communist Party's (PCP) rival on the left. The manner in which both parties conduct themselves in the future will determine whether the BE disappears to leave the PCP as the main left opposition, or whether the BE profits from the PCP's slow transformation in an increasingly modern society.
   The Left Bloc is supported primarily by urban youth. A close analysis of its voters in the cited 1999 general elections suggests that the alliance is actually stealing more votes from the Socialist Party (PS) than from the PCP. In 2001, Fernando Rosas ran as BE candidate for president and received 2.9 percent of the vote.

Historical dictionary of Portugal 3rd ed.. . 2014.

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